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5 Reasons to Love Aloe Vera On Your Skin

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5 Reasons to Love Aloe Vera On Your Skin

What is exactly in this succulent that has the beauty industry showering it with love and accolades? Read on to find out!

Getting to Know the Aloe Vera Plant

The aloe vera is a pea-green succulent that has been used medicinally throughout the centuries by various civilizations. Growing mainly in regions with dry and warm climates, its use date back to as early as 2000 years ago when the Greeks saw it as the universal cure-all while the Egyptians look up to it as the plant of immortality. 


5 reasons to love aloe vera on your skin


The plant’s value lies mainly in the clear gel its leaves contain. Made of 99% water, this said substance contains a variety of amino acids, glucomannans, sterols, lipids, vitamins and even antioxidants. This very same gel is the main reason why the beauty and cosmetics industry love the aloe vera so much.

And below are just 5 of the many benefits our skin can get from the plant.

  1. It naturally peels off dead skin cells.

Aloe vera contains natural salicylic acid known to strip off dead skin cells on the epidermis. By doing, the fresher layer of skin underneath is revealed. Furthermore, salicylic acid is also known to fight off milder forms of acne by keeping pores clean and unclogged.

Aside from this, aloe vera gel has the hormones Auxin and Gibberellins known for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Both these substances reduce skin inflammation caused by pimple breakouts while naturally healing and minimizing scars.

  1. It contains anti-aging properties.

Most, if not all, women want to look younger than their age. That’s why we worry when start to see signs of skin aging such as fine laugh lines or crow’s feet at the corner of our eyes.

The aloe vera gel is a smorgasbord of antioxidants and nutrients set to delay the onset of skin aging. Vitamins A, C, and E help keep the epidermis elastic by keeping it hydrated and firm.

  1. It is a natural moisturizer.

Because of its high water content, the aloe vera gel is one moisturizer ideal for all skin types, even for oily ones. it keeps the skin moisturized without that icky, greasy feel.

  1. It protects the skin from the sun’s harming UV rays.

Some studies have proven that the plant’s gel has skin protective properties against the harming effects of the sun’s UV rays as well as gamma radiation. Because of this and its cooling nature, aloe vera is a well-known to-go-to topical medicine for sunburn.

  1. It has six antiseptic agents that fight off fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Aside from salicylic acid, the aloe vera’s gel contain five more antiseptic agents namely urea nitrogen, lupeol, phenols, sulfur, and cinnamoic acid. These substances help fight off bacteria and other microorganisms that could cause pimple and acne breakouts as well as the occurrence of other skin maladies like eczema or even ringworm.

The LE’VEA SKIN CARE PRODUCTS contain the juice of the aloe vera (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf) plant. Paired with green tea extracts and other ingredients, there’s the assurance that LE’VEA can deliver on its claims –to give your skin a more youthful look, feel and glow.


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