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Amp Up The Effects Of Your Skincare Products With These 6 Tips!

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Amp Up The Effects Of Your Skincare Products With These 6 Tips!


Make the skincare products you use do their magic on your facial skin EVERY TIME YOU APPLY THEM with these 6 simple tricks from a well-known New York dermatologist.


Skincare Products Effects


  1. Be a facial cleansing pro.

If you think that there’s no special way to apply your cleanser, then you’re wrong. The NY skin doctor stressed out the need to concentrate your cleansing product on the area with the most pores.

“Doing so ensures that your pores are stripped off of whatever dirt and grime clogging them, she said. “This way, your skin truly absorbs the products you put on afterward.”


A cleanser effectively strips off gook from your facial skin without leaving it dry or giving you that “stripped off” feeling, thanks to the many natural ingredients and antioxidants it contains like leaf extracts from Green and White Tea as well as coco-glucoside, a derivative from coconut oil and glucose.

  1. Put on serum right after cleansing while your skin’s still damp.

The reason for this is once the water evaporates from your skin, it takes off with it whatever moisture there is on and below the epidermis leaving it dry.

“I always advice my clients to put on moisturizers and serums while the skin’s a little wet. Doing so locks in moisture making the skin more supple,” she said. And for those who don’t like to wash their faces in the morning, dampening the skin before starting your morning skincare routine will do.


As what its name signifies, this serum is rich in vitamin C, a very crucial nutrient for collagen production and skin health.  Aside from the above-mentioned nutrient, it also contains vitamin E which is essential for skin hydration and vitamin B5, an important component in fighting skin aging.

  1. Layer It And Layer It Rightly.

The skin doctor stated that if you want a healthy and glowing complexion, don’t skip and scrimp on your serums.

“Serums have it all – anti-aging, skin hydration, repair, the solution to hyperpigmentation, and formulated with a lot of antioxidants,” she added.

Her beauty advice: don’t be afraid of layering skincare products that do so in the right way.

“Don’t forget this rule when doing your skincare routine – star with the thinnest and end with the thickest,” she said. “After cleansing, use a toner, apply your serums and put on your facial creams and sunscreen last.”


The skin doctor from New York had this to say when it came to toners: “The more natural ingredients it contains, the better.” Le’vea’s hydrating toner passes that test. Aside from the natural plant extracts it contains, it’s also formulated with vitamins C and B5 as well as Hyaluronic Acid.

  1. Exfoliate twice or thrice a week.

The New York dermatologist cited these two reasons as to why exfoliation is a crucial part of our skincare regimen:

- the dead skin cells on our epidermis make our facial skin lose its radiance. This makes our faces look dull. Exfoliating will strip off this layer, uncovering the younger, more radiant skin underneath.

- the layer of dead skin cells on our epidermic layer also bars the skincare products we use from penetrating to our skin and working their magic.

“Use gentle exfoliators,” she advised. “Go for those that contain a low dose of glycolic acid.”

  1. Your daytime and nighttime skincare routines should differ from each other.

Why shouldn’t your morning and nighttime skincare regimens be different?

“Your morning routine should be geared towards skin protection. Your nighttime regimen, on the other hand, should focus more on skin repair,” the doctor clarified.

“Serums rich in antioxidants, hydrating creams and sunscreen are a must during daytimes,” she instructed. “At night, go for more thicker formulations. Hydration is also important as our skin tends to heat up when we’re asleep.”

Recommended Nighttime Skincare Product: LE’VEA BIOTIC REPAIR ANTI-AGING NIGHT CREAM

This product is your skin’s ideal helper as it repairs itself while you sleep. This night cream is guaranteed to reverse the cell damages your day has brought on you as well as provide your skin with ample hydration to avoid overnight skin dry out.

  1. Use the dot method when putting on sunscreen instead of just slathering the product on your skin.

We shouldn’t use the slap-and-dash method when putting on sunscreen. After all, our skin’s protection from the harmful rays of the sun relies on how we apply this product. To get optimal results from your sunscreen, use the dot method.

It, accordingly, goes like this:

  • Apply two to three dots of your sunscreen product on your forehead
  • Two dots on each of your cheek
  • One each on your nose and skin
  • Finish up with two on the neck and one each on the top of your hand
  • Lastly, blend these dots on your skin

“Apply sunscreen, wait for 20 minutes, then reapply again,” she also added. “This is the only way to assure you get the most protection from your sunscreen cream or lotion.”

I hope these 6 tips help you get the most out of the skincare products you use!




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