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Beautiful young people are a nature’s course while beautiful old people are works of perfected arts. It is important to understand that as you age, your youth is not lost with it. What changes is our skin, whose rate of cell regeneration becomes sluggish leading to decreased skin vitality. The ideal time for cell renewal is during the night and that is why LE’VEA ANTI-AGING NIGHT CREAM was naturally customized to take charge of mature skin disquiets while you acquire your much desired beauty slumber.  With its rich vitamin C formulation and Bilberry extract ingredients, this night cream is able to stimulate surface cell renewal and keeps collagen production and generation in check leaving your skin plumped up, reinvigorated and transformed.

Tired of the ups and downs of looking for secret magical cannon balls to solve your constant appearance of fine lines and dark spots while you have so much on your plate this festive season? Well, the hush-hush is right here with this anti-aging night cream enriched with serum does the magic for you while you sleep by keeping your skin hydrated and protects it from free radicals to give it a more toned appearance, increased elasticity and resilience.

Everyone wants to live long to get pampered, bumping with life and taking in everything Mother Nature has to offer, but no one wants to get old. The most important fact is how gracefully we handle our aging phase. Celebrities and festivities come and go but aging is inevitable

The older you are, the wiser you become and hence crucial for you to understand the excruciating journey you skin has to undergo as you age: long years under the unmerciful scorching sun, unapologetic wrinkles caused by the inability of the skin to fire on all canisters, uneven skin tone and so much more untold misery. While no one has the ability to scrub out all these hardships, the LE’VEA luxurious cream was specially made to wave away these problems by giving you an instant fresher and youthful look.

This night cream offers you a fountain of techniques to indulge your skin when it starts to get wrinkled and dramatically dull. Its Amodimethicone properties gives it a smooth texture that gives your skin a comforting sensation which leaves you feeling pampered and energized and your skin craving for more. Applying this anti-aging cream gives you skin instant smoothness and more supple for a renewed and full of life appearance.

To enjoy maximum results, apply this age-perfect cream during this festive season and let your friends and colleagues complement on how young and vibrant your appearance because growing old and gracefully is a rare attainment. Gift them with this anti-aging night cream this season with a variety of offers at your disposal and enjoy aging gracefully together with an assurance to re-live to tell tales of its benefits to many other more generations to pass.


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