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Looking forward to kicking off the year by rolling back the clock and taking a decade off your appearance? Make it your New Year resolution to give your eyes the attention and youthful glam they deserve. Taking care of your eyes is as important as taking care of your face. LE'VEA is a way change you age. 


vitamin C serum for wrinkles


Until east meets west, aging is an inevitable call of Mother Nature. Ever wondered why with aging come along the most dreaded foe called wrinkles? Well, as you age, the skin becomes more vulnerable to collagen breakdown and radical damages. The skin around the eyes is the most defenseless due to its thin and fragile nature. Thus it fairly needs ample care and pampering especially from nasty stuff like pollution and sun damages that are bound to take a toll on your skin this New Year.

Puffy, saggy and overly folded bags under your eyes are probably the first thing you may notice when you wake up. You may start blaming it all on the December cheer or the sleep deprivation you probably suffered while making merry during the festivities. The harsh but sad reality is that you’re aging. Thus you need to indulge yourself with an eye wrinkle cream that works for you. This is where LE’VEA ADVANCED ANTI-AGING products come in.

Usher the New Year with the two age defense products offered by Le’vea; LE'VEA BIOTIC REPAIR EYE TREATMENT, the eye wrinkle cream and   LE'VEA C+ ANTIOXIDANT WRINKLE REDUCTION SERUM, the vitamin C serum. The eye wrinkle cream has a rich and powerful combination of Green Tea Extract antioxidants and Vitamins C & E that repair damaged skin and protect it from free radical and UV damage.

The healing miracle peptides, incorporated in the cream, effectively repair cellular communication while boosting the synthesis of collagen plummeting appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and under eye puffiness. This leaves your face as bright as a sunny day. Youthful appearance will make you envied. People will go ‘Wow! What is her secret? When did she become this young?’ 

The antioxidant Vitamin C+ serum is the ultimate serum and one of its kind that raises the bar with its unparalleled effectiveness in neutralizing free radicals and fighting against the unavoidable, daily UV damage. The serum also hydrates the skin and provides unmatched antioxidant support. Your skin will feel like it is being hydrated from inside, like the years when you were young. The feeling of a plump, hydrated and supple skin is always wonderful. Who wouldn’t want that?

You must have heard that your eyes are the mirror to your soul. Reduce the presence of bags, circles and lines on the skin around your eyes with these two Holy Grail eye products and revive your youthful look and make this coming year not only prosperous but glamorous. Let LE'VEA change the way you age! Indulge yourself and rejuvenate your look today!


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