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Green tea your skin care solution

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Green tea your skin care solution  

There is something magical about slowing down your daily routine to have a good cup of tea that pacifies all your troubles away. Being kind to your body every day is a sure way of attaining that jaw dropping disciplined goddess look that every lady craves for. But of course that does not come on an easy platter, you have to do it on a regular basis by reciting all the beauty regime rules like a poet for you to get the maximum positive results. And of course, the easiest way to achieve this is by reveling on the exceptional green tea ingredient found in the LE'VEA BIOTIC REPAIR ANTI-AGING NIGHT CREAM


Green tea for your skin


Green tea is a botanical ingredient of an extract derived from the leaves of camellia sinensis, an Asian native tea plant. As a natural extract, it has a rich blend of antioxidants, which functions to give you mind blowing healthy effects on your delicate skin that functions to protect your skin cells and slakes off free radicals that expose your skin to the ultra violet rays of the sun and prevents collagen production, the major causative of a sluggish unhealthy skin. Research proves that the green tea contains methylxanthines which is a skin stimulant for a perfect tone and is healthy on the skin, a perfect cause to wave off the long days and nights you had to fight with unwelcome dark spots.

Every time you slather your anti-aging night cream that comes along with its omnipresent smattering of green tea, you are successfully curving your road to a more rejuvenated, vibrant and younger skin due to its catechin properties that contain anti-aging effects on human skin bestowing you with a milestone youthful look that will leave your age-mates agile.

A perfect example of a product that is a victim of its own success is green tea. Within the blink of an eye, your frequent unending inflammation giving your skin sleepless nights can be a forks- tale, this is due to its anti-inflammatory, agent that gives you a more elastic and firm skin that rids off fine lines and wrinkles.

Well, as we all know, aging is not a fiction but a fact of life while looking your age is not. Ensure that every time you stare at your face from your giggling grin to your wiggle toes, you think about how lucky you are with the skin you live under, and grab your le’vea night cream that has a rich blend of green tea advantage to ensure your skin beautifully holds you within.


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