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How to look good for your valentines

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Tips for Valentine's Day!

After finishing up with the new year holidays, the Valentine’s day is already coming around the corner. Are you ready yet? Beautiful lowers, gourmet chocolates, and lovey-dovey social media posts are exciting and good, but as we approach the month of February, don’t you also want to have a beautiful skin along with your perfect dress for your Feb 14th?  While planning with your perfect outfit and amazing restaurant for your romantic date, it’s still some time to hurry up to work out some skin care routine or make some changes for your skin care routine if they didn’t help you much in the past. It may help you look great for your valentines.


Tips for Laventines Day


Valentine’s Day couldn’t come at the worst time because of the cold weather that automatically leads to dry skin. Follow these tips to get a radiant skin on the most romantic night of the year.

  1. Wash your face with a deep hydrating cleanser

The first step to a glowing skin is taking the time out to cleanse it. This means that you will have to pick out a facial cleanser that suits your skin. Le’vea has you covered.  Anti-Aging Radiance Hydrating Cleanser makes your skin look hydrated in this dry weather and minimizes skin pores. Gently massage the cleanser onto your face using circular motions, then rinse meticulously and pat dry.

  1. Exfoliate

This is the most overlooked step when it comes to following a skin care routine. Generally dead skin builds up in cold weather which makes the skin look flaky. Trust me; your date doesn’t want to see that. Your skin will immediately look smoother and feels softer. And luckily, Anti-Aging Radiance Hydrating Cleanser comes with the exfoliate function while providing you’re the great hydration and repair benefits, it also exfoliates and swept away the dullness of your skin to leave your skin a radiant look.

  1. Pamper your skin with a mask

Brighten your skin by using a mask of your choice whether its oatmeal or charcoal. A mask will increase luminosity and brightness of the skin. Start this step a week before Valentine’s Day and try to apply it thrice in this week to bring out amazing results.

  1. Layer on a highlighter lotion

Most of the people are going for a no makeup look these days. You can use a glow enhancing lotion or C+ ANTIOXIDANT WRINKLE REDUCTION SERUM. It is a perfect serum for essential daily antioxidant support and for a healthier glowing complexion. This highly effective formula visibly facilitates the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and evens out the skin tone.   

  1. Apply a radiant finish foundation

If you want to opt for makeup then you can apply a glowy primer and a finish foundation. This will smooth out the complexion of the skin making it look better than ever.

  1. Choose a nude eye shadow

Dab a nude shade eye shadow that contrasts with your dress. Apply perfectly lined eyeliner and finish it up with a little bit of mascara.

After a romantic evening, end your day by using Le’Vea YOUTH TREATMENT - 2 PC ANTI-AGING TREATMENT. This will provide deep nourishment and will delay the process of facial aging. The product is developed for all kinds of skin whether it is dry or oily. Using this treatment will keep you looking young and always ready for your next romantic evening.







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