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Should you leave the solution on after a face mask?

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Facial Mask Sheet


In current beauty market, the Korean face mask or Asian face mask sheets are very popular for the beauty lovers. It is great extra care for your skin. These face mask sheets are great for helping add to your regular skin care routine keep your skin hydrated or other skin care purposes.


While these mask does have different functions helping us maintain our skin, some may have question on whether or not should you leave the mask residue solution on your face after your mask treatment, or should you wash it off after you take off the mask.


You may find some of the mask has instruction on the make sheet package and telling you to leave the residue solution on your face after you take off the make. And some may not even mention if you should wash it off or leave it on. So which one is correct? Should wash off after or leave it on? 


Here is what we think based on our experiences. We know every individual can react to the skin care product in slight different level. Some could be total fine with the mask sheet residue leave on their face with no reactions while for some sensitive skin type may cause irritation with the mask residue leave on face for too long. Which in this case, it is suggested to use warm water to rinse off the mask sheet residue solutions after 15 – 20 minutes of mask treatment.


In addition, after facial mask treatment, it is still important to keep your daily skincare routine application for your skin.


As conclusion, it is suggested you should rinse off your mask solution residue after you apply the facial mask, and follow by your routine daily facial skincare products, including toner, eye cream, serum and moisturizing cream or night cream.  


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