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Skincare Tips for the 40s

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Skincare Tips for 40s


Once you turn 40, the signs of aging start to crop up on your skin. Your skin needs a little extra care at this time. The skin care products that you have been using so far may become harsh on your skin and fail to help your skin fight the signs of aging.

However, it doesn’t take much effort to look young and ageless in your 40s. All you need is a comprehensive skin care strategy that will help you to combat and reverse the visible aging effects on your skin.

What happens to your skin as you age?

As you age your skin goes through a lot of changes. To begin with the production of two important elements collagen and elastin decreases which are responsible to keep the skin firm. When your skin loses the elasticity, it results in sagging and wrinkles.

Similarly, your skin also fails to produce enough natural oil. This results in the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet on your face.

Caring for skin in the 40s:

A little pampering of your aging skin can give glowing results. While preventing the sunspots and the lines is important, your skin care regimen in the 40s also need to focus on the aging signs that start to flare-up fast if proper care is not taken.

The Morning Care:

Antioxidant Serum

An antioxidant serum that is rich in Vitamin C will not only prevent the damage from free cell radicals but it will also boost the production of collagen. After cleanser your skin, it is important to apply antioxidant serum daily, especially in the morning. Try Le’vea Advanced Anti-Aging C+ Antioxidant Wrinkle Reduction Serum.



Before going out apply a moisturizing sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV damage. Make sure to select the sunscreen not only by the SPF grade, but also check the ingredients that zinc oxide and / or titanium dioxide and its percentage.


Eye Cream

Moisturizer that you are applying to your face are not be sufficient to the sensitive area around your eyes. Use a cream that has glycolic acid or retinol as active ingredients. These ingredients reverse pigmentation and boost collagen. Try Le’vea Advanced Anti-Aging Biotic Repair Eye Treatment.


Bedtime Care:


Even if you skip to use the cleanser in your morning routine, you must not forget to clean your skin off the dirt, makeup, and residue with a mild cleanser.  Try Le’vea Advanced Anti-Aging Radiance Hydrating Cleanser.


Rejuvenate Repair Night Cream

A good and rich night cream penetrates deep into the skin and repairs the damage caused to the cells by the UV rays. It also rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin and fights hyper-pigmentation and the appearance of wrinkles on the face. This Le’vea Advanced Anti-Aging Biotic Repair Anti-Aging Night Cream would be a great choice for you.

Follow a skin care routine in very important to undo the early signs of aging on your skin. Simple steps can keep you looking young for a long time.



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