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The 3 Most Common Skincare Mistakes We Make

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The 3 Most Common Skincare Mistakes We Make

and Their Remedies (As Revealed by Estheticians)

Estheticians encounter all sorts of skin types and problems. After all, they administer facials to people for a living.

And from the dealings they have with their clients daily, some of the top estheticians of the country revealed the three most common skincare mistakes most, if not all, people make. Find out if you’re doing some (if not all) of these beauty blunders and the tips to remedy them! 


3 common skincare mistakes


  1. The Fear of the Moisturizer

“Most of my clients are afraid to use a moisturizer,” divulged one popular esthetician who works for a company of natural beauty products. “They fear that they could be using too much of the product, thus, clogging their pores and making their skin more oily. Plus, in talking with them, I found out they prefer to use products that strip off the skin’s natural oils or those that are oil-free.”

While the esthetician agreed that moisturizers do have the tendency to clog pores, she also stressed out that using too much of the oil-stripping and oil-free skin care products we so fondly love could cause the skin to overproduce the substance we’re most afraid of --- oil.

“You should find the rightful balance, not strip off the skin of oil altogether. Besides, if your skin’s under-moisturized, it could lead to premature aging, line formations, and even skin damage,” she said.

Remedy: Use a light facial moisturizer. Massage this to your skin right after toning while it’s still damp. And if you have very dry skin, it’s best to use a moisturizer with a creamy consistency as it will prevent your skin from losing moisture.

“Just make sure the natural ingredients in the moisturizing product you use outweigh the chemicals,” she advised.

Recommended Products: The Phyto Repair Hydrating Toner, C+ Antioxidant Wrinkle Reduction Serum and the Biotic Repair Anti-Aging Night Cream from LE’VEA contain natural ingredients all geared up to fight off elements that cause premature aging, and most of all, these products are great for all skin types, even very safe for sensitive skin. They are all very light weight yet effective to providing the lasting moisture that your skin needs, at the same time helps to repair and rejuvenate your skin. thereby, maintaining your skin’s youthful glow. After toning, use the wrinkle-reducing serum during the day before you put on your sunscreen and makeup. At night, replace it with night repair cream.

  1. The Love for Aggressive Exfoliation

“My clients love to see their skin peeling,” shared an esthetician from California. “They believe it’s the key to getting that younger-looking skin. While I believe we need to get rid of the uppermost layer of our epidermis as it’s laden with dead skin cells and other pore-clogging elements, aggressive exfoliation isn’t the all-out solution to removing it.”

She went on to say that the skin’s renewing process has much to do with how our lymph system functions.

“Why do most people have bad, dry, and dull skin? It’s because their blood’s not circulating normally under their skin,” she stressed out.

Remedy: Facial cleansing using a warm towel or an at-home facial massage gives off great results, said the California esthetician.

“And if you can afford to go to spas regularly for facial massages or warm towel compressing, why not?” she said with a laugh.

Recommended Products: Make use of LE’VEA’s skincare products when you do your DIY face massage and warm towel compress. Use the serum or the night cream on your face and the Biotic Repair Eye Treatment on your eyes in place of natural facial oils when massaging. You can also use the brand’s Anti-Aging Radiance Hydrating Cleanser when compressing.

  1. Using Too Much or Too Little Skincare Products

“Most of us are guilty of this one beauty blunder: copying what our favorite celebrities or friends or even loved ones use for their skincare regimens. We have to remember that we all have unique skin characteristics, so what product works for another might not for you,” stressed out a popular esthetician from New York who has put up her own chains of spa across the country.

Remedy: “I personally follow this skin regimen and I think all women must, too:

  • cleanse using a gentle and natural facial cleanser
  • tone, use a product with gentle acid properties to stimulate exfoliation but not too much
  • massage your face daily
  • use facial masks once or twice a week
  • use serums and moisturizers depending on your skin daily or when needed during the day (if the skin’s a little dry, use a serum or a moisturizer with a creamy consistency to lock in more moisture and keep skin suppler)
  • don’t forget the eye cream

Recommended Products: The LE’VEA brand has you all covered when it comes to a complete skincare regimen. The brand carries out more than just the basics: cleanser, toner, serum, night cream and eye cream. It’s best to use one skincare line to get maximum results as using different brands for your skincare routine could result in breakouts and other skin problems if the products prove to be contradictory to each other.


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