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LE'VEA Skin Care

LE'VEA skincare line was develop world famous professional skincare lab located in the San Francisco Bay Area. And manufactured locally in California as well. LE'VEA Advanced Anti-Aging Skincare product line stands for the high quality. It is designed for people who seek natural effective and advanced anti-aging skincare to maintain young and beautiful skin. 

The concept of LE'VEA Advanced skincare line is to use the most effective Asian Ubers with the active and effective western scientifically approval anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients to create the brand new formula that is effectively helping people maintain daly skincare and anti-aging purpose. 

LE’VEA is a perfect East meets West solution as a skincare niche.


East meets West


The goal of LE'VEA Skin Care is to provide quality effective anti-aging skin care products with professional formulations to help women who love to stay young and happy just like Jessie does! And here we are! 

By combining western advanced scientific research and studies with Asian herbal concepts of natural plant ingredients, with a specific professional formulation, can create powerful and unique skincare products.


What Makes LE'VEA Product Special and Trustworthy?

* LE'VEA Products were Developed By World Class Chemists with our exclusive formula
* All LE'VEA Products are MSDS Certified and Tested Safe for All Skin Types
* Scientifically Researched and proven results
* For the equivalent quality and Results with 3X-6X Less of Cost


Levea Brand Inspiration


LE'VEA was inspired by nature. LE’VEA believes quality, class, and natural effective ingredients. LE’VEA product packaging design is also inspired by our natural ingredients. 


The name LE’VEA is the inspiration for the green tea leaves and the other natural ingredients. The background flower pattern also is the inspiration of the flower we use in our ingredients. 


The white bottle of LE’VEA product design represents the purity of the ingredients; The black box packaging represents the class and quality. 


The fine Details  


LE’VEA utilizes the airless pump bottles for our products. The pump bottles can avoid creams and serums from being exposed to air during each usage. It keeps the contents fresh and maintains product quality for customers. 


At LE’VEA, we are very detail oriented and we pay attention to all the details from product quality to bottle design. For every detail, we have put all our love and care.


Relocation Notice

LE'VEA business operation location just recently relocated from California to Florida since later 2018. However, our production is still in California. And all product quality stays the same. The only change is your purchase shipment from our website will be shipped out from Florida. Thank you for shopping with us. We looking forward to serving you! 




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