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About LE'VEA Anti Aging Skin Care




LE'VEA Advanced Anti-Aging

Build with Science and Trusted Ingredients  


LE'VEA advanced anti-aging skin care product line is professionally developed and formulated by the world class chemists in Northern California. It is specially developed based on current most high-end quality products formula and active ingredients, MD concentrated, scientifically researched with the latest technology, formulated with multi-functional high active ingredients to fight against the signs of aging.  

LE'VEA products formula are scientifically proven to be highly active and effective to help reduce facial wrinkles, eye puffiness, rejuvenate and repairs skin rapidly. Help prevent skin from aging with the true results that you can see and feel. LE'VEA products are all hypoallergenic and safety tested for all skin types.  

We only believe the high-quality products and real results. LE’VEA products use natural sources, such as Green tea, White tea, Aloe, Orange peel, Emblica (Gooseberry), Bilberry (Blueberry), Witch Hazel leaf, Rosemary leaf, Chamomile flower, Sage and Cucumber and other fruit extracts as powerful antioxidant resources, along with concentrated Vitamin C, E & B5.  All LE’VEA Products are made locally in California.  

LE'VEA Products are built with trusted ingredients and sciences  

levea anti-aging build with science

  About Levea





Why LE'VEA? Why create LE'VEA Anti-Aging?


The original idea to create this anti-aging skin care product line was for personal needs.  


LE'VEA owner, brand creator Jessie, who grew up in Asia, culturally where women are very conscious about taking care of their skin. It made a tremendous impact for Jessie to pursue a career in skincare. While working in the beauty industry with access to large array of products, she found not many product out there that were available meet her expectations with the quality, effectiveness and price she was looking for.

As growing older, Jessie started to notice wrinkles and fine lines on her  face. It’s a tremendous personal disappointment for her. Jessie decided to seek out experts to help create the best anti-aging product that actually works, with great quality and reasonable cost!  Fortunate enough, Jessie was able to connect with world class chemists, discuss her specific requirements which lead to the development of LE’VEA advanced anti-aging skin care products.

Ever since Jessie began using the products, she found wrinkles have disappeared. No exaggeration! That is why LE'VEA was created. Because all products were personally tested and trusted by the owner and creator of this product line.

LE'VEA products have helped Jessie look dramatically younger than her actual age. That is her goal. To age gracefully and confidently! Jessie enjoys keeping herself looking young.

Jessie truly believe if the product can help her keeping young, it will help all other woman and men who love to keep them look young and healthy. That's the reason Jessie would love to share these great products with others. 


Live Young, Live Happy and Live Healthy 

Jessie believes to live Young, Live happy and healthy!

So should you! 

Live healthy and Live young with Levea anti-aging


Natural Antioxidant Skin Care for facial wrinkles



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